Dec 25, 2016
Of all the new clients I worked with in 2016, 75% of them showed up with clubs that were NOT PROPERLY FIT for them (new, used, borrowed, hand-me-downs, etc). In a way, that is a good thing because after just a few lessons improving each players swing, new clubs that I fit for them will absolutely make a difference long term. However, of the 75% who showed up with poorly fit clubs, 25% of them had already purchased clubs on their own at a local store or online. Unfortunately, after a few lessons those clubs will not be the best for the player at all. THIS HAPPENS EVERY YEAR. If you are considering golf lessons at all, you should work with a top instructor first, before you buy clubs!!! ITS IMPORTANT!!! Many top instructors are also EXPERIENCED club fitters with many years of club fitting experience. Have you ever been fitted for the perfect putter???