2014 West Central Chapter PGA Teacher of the Year


I have competed in more than 300 professional golf tournaments since 1990. In the past 25 years, the incredible information and knowledge I’ve gained regarding how each player learns, golf swing bio mechanics, launch monitors, 3D motion capture, golf swing MYTHS and much more have given me the skills to provide an amazing improvement experience for my students. 

The best teachers in the world understand the students golf swing and golf mind. The important key to success is for me to understand you and teach you to understand yourself. I will still only improve your swing with details that make sense for your goals as a player, both physically and mentally. I promise you there are swing thoughts you have that are actually causing you to hit bad shots and we have to fix that ASAP. 

As we make progress, you are learning about your own swing, your swing thoughts, what your tendencies are and the important details that should be accomplished for YOU to have better control of your golf ball and its destination, longer distance and lower scores. For those who invest in a training program with me will learn a lot about their games on the course in actual playing lessons. 

Many junior players are interested in developing their games to compete in high school, in local junior tournaments and earn eventual ranking on the Junior Golf Scoreboard. Those juniors need a weekly appointment to insure proper development. 

I use HUDL Slo-Motion Capture, Blast Motion, Visio Putting, AimPoint Express Certified and more. Together, we can make your entire game better. 


  • 2014 West Central Chapter PGA Teacher of the Year
  • 2012 West Central Chapter PGA Junior Golf Leader of the Year
  • 2011 US KIDS Golf TOP 50 Teacher “Honorable Mention”

Teaching Experience

  • Beginner Player’s
  • Junior Player’s
  • Lady Player’s
  • Men Player’s
  • Elite Amateur Player’s
  • Collegiate Player’s
  • Tour Player’s

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