2014 West Central Chapter PGA Teacher of the Year


30 years ago James began his journey as a professional golfer and teacher. The incredible experiences he has endured while training, traveling, competing and researching the best players and coaches around the world have afforded him a vast knowledge and understanding of the swing, the mind and game at a top recognized level.

Continuing education including kinetics, kinematics, bio mechanics, ground forces, launch monitors and what they tell us and 3D motion capture. What’s really happening in your swing (and putting stroke) and why the ball is flying the way it does is most likely not what you think it is and the real solution may surprise you greatly.

The best teachers in the world gain an understanding of the student’s golf swing and golf mind (what you are thinking before you swing). I learn what your tendencies are and we apply necessary improvements to your swing and thinking that must be accomplished for you to have better ball flight, longer distance and eventually, lower scores.

1/2 Day Golf Schools are available booking 30 days in advance. Use the contact us link to ask any questions about private lessons, training programs or golf schools. James is also available for ONLINE swing training.

We use Slo-Motion Video Capture, Blast Motion 3D Putting and Swing Analysis, Ernest Sports Launch Monitor, Visio Putting Templates, Laser Optics, AimPoint Golf Green Reading Certified, and more.

AimPoint Golf Green Reading

Learn to use your feet to estimate the amount of slope in your putt.

Learn to use your arm and fingers to determine where to aim.

Learn to start the putt at your AimPoint and hit it at the correct speed.

Learn Correct Speed

By understanding the basic physics of your putting stroke and how speed has an effect on your putts, you will gain more confidence and be in a better position to capitalize on your opportunities: make more putts and lower your scores.

AimPoint Wins

Over 65 Professional Tour Wins. Used by the US Amateur Champion and over 200 tour pros worldwide. Winners of countless college and junior titles also used AimPoint Express.

Five World #1s

Five world number one players have worked with Mark Sweeney and use AimPoint. They have won numerous titles while using AimPoint and have credited AimPoint for much of their putting success.


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