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2014 West Central Chapter PGA Teacher of the Year

With all this knowledge, the important key to success is for me to understand you. I will still only improve your swing with details that make sense for your goals as a player. As we make progress, you are learning about your swing, your tendencies, and the important things that should be accomplished for you to have better control of your golfball and its destination, longer distance and lower scores.


"James, thanks to the AimPoint lesson you taught me a few weeks ago, my putting has improved significantly. This past Saturday, on the Golfweek Amateur North Central Florida Tour at World Woods, Pine Barrens, I won the C Flight event after a one hole tie-breaker. I had 30 putts in the round, no three-putts and, in the tie-breaker, sank a four-foot downhill left to right slider for par and the win. With the win, I also took our season's first place in the C flight points standing. I'm looking forward to taking another AimPoint lesson with you so that my putting will continue to improve"
~ Burt Harres

"Excellent coach for mastering your game. He is an excellent teacher. Have had a few lessons with other instructors and he is so much better at explaining how to improve your weaknesses and using technology as a tool to bring you to the next level. I already feel like I have knocked 10 strokes with 1 lesson along with practice. Can't wait to see how far I can go with his help and coaching. If you want to improve hire James. You won't regret it just will love the game more."

~ Robert Slack

"Finally got to play some golf after 2 weeks. New putting stroke was great. 11 holes and 4 birdies. First time in a decade I stood over a putt from any distance and said: "this is going in!" And sure enough it went in. Thanks James! Looking forward to next lesson."

~ Matt Pope

"Top-notch, friendly & encouraging expert golf instructor. James is a very friendly professional who can generate some big results in a single lesson. I might be an easier student than most with having had quite a few lessons when I was younger, and understanding some basics about the swing, but James quickly identified some things I was doing wrong, and within a few swings he had me hitting the ball much more solid. James uses the V1 video software on the iPad, which gives you quick feedback on what you did wrong, right, or the progress you made on your most recent swing. To top it off, James will give you a free account on an app he uses that will let you see the video from your most recent lesson, and it even lets you go frame-by-frame if you like when you are watching the clips that he uploads."

~ Sam Gordon

"Great Instructor! Really explains strengths and challenges in detail. Would recommend."

~ James Morris

"James was awesome! For someone who has never had a golf club in there hands before by end of lesson I was hitting ball 75 yards! James is a great instructor, understands how to accommodate to person's abilities and takes them to the next level with ease. I would recommend James to anyone interested in starting golf or improving their game! Extra plus is he makes the time during lesson fun too!"

~ MaryBeth Auleta

"My wife and I were new to golfing and we had played for about six weeks on our own. We had also gone to the driving range and listened to other players on how to better our game. However, we could never get our driving game any better. I decided to look online and find a golf instructor. I found James Kyle and I have to say, I was skeptical on how our lesson was going to turn out. We met him at his country club and he made us feel very comfortable and he was able to get our mind off learning and to just to play. We immediately went to the driving range. After the first 30 minutes, my wife and I were driving the ball much further than what we were in the past. With just a few changes in our grip and position, things were better. We practiced for an hour. Once we were done with our lesson, we immediately booked another time later that month. We highly recommend beginner golfers, or even golfers that have played a long time to take the time to learn from James. He is amazing and we look forward to learning so much more about the game, oh ya, and to just have fun!"

~ Scott Glaeser

"Hitting the ball way better. Been putting in some work last week. Yesterday and today felt I was hitting the ball like I did 10 years ago. Grip and moving ball and club back in stance has helped . Getting more distance with driver also."

~ Tim Glennie

"Played Canyons Course in Park City. 45 on the front and 46 on back. Bogey on each of last two holes kept me from breaking 90. I can't begin to tell you how well it went. Had a birdie and 4 pars. Had the longest drive of my life on the 4th hole with a small yardage wedge over a creek on in 2. Missed birdie by 1/2 the roll of the golf ball. It was magnificent. What a feeling Sensei. Best round of my life."

~ Pete Cunzolo

"Madison had 25 putts yesterday. That may be a record for her (only 7 GIR). She shot a 73 on the North Course from the whites. Her putting tempo that you worked on last lesson is really making a difference."

~ Trevor Hewlett

"Before I began golf lessons with James Kyle I was shooting approximately 125. After 24 lessons I am now averaging 104. That’s almost 1 stroke per lesson! James is a very insightful and effective teacher. "

~ Margaret Davis

"Hi James,
Wanted to report I’m definitely hitting farther in 2018. Today I reached my goal of hitting over 200 yards with a 204 yard drive on ELW-South #1 and finished with a 192 yarder on #9 with a 184 yarder on #5. All other drives for non-3-par holes were 168-173. As you recall, before your class, my drives were in the 140-150s range. The game is definitely more fun when, on many holes, I now have a chance at the green with a second shot. "

~ Steve Lucas

"You have impeccable timing sir! You texted me right before I started to hit at the range. Wanted to hit a few before I texted you back. First of all, regarding Friday, my nickname is now the sandbagger. Played surprisingly well. Hitting the ball very good today. I love my new driver. Thank you! About to try the 5 wood. Thanks for checking in on me."

~ Dr Randy Diez

"I have been coming down to Tampa periodically from NYC for the last few years, and my first priority is always to book a lesson (or two) with James Kyle. I have taken lessons, read books, gone to golf schools, but ten minutes with James is worth more than all of those combined. He doesn't teach a method, he teaches YOU. He sees what your problems are and quickly fixes them but not by applying Band-Aids - he helps you find your own best swing. Also, he is relentlessly positive, so I always know that by the end of every lesson I am a better golfer. JAMES IS THE MAN!!!"

~ Richard B.

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